Do you even know the difference, and do you have to settle for second best? More importantly, can you afford to have second-grade feed? Is it really that difficult to produce excellent silage?

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It is well known that silage, traditionally, did not have a good shelve life. Even when a particular batch was more stable after removal than another, the period within which the silage had to be consumed was with a stretch of up to 5 days.

On many farms the actual silage needed per day is not that much, and in many cases adds up to a couple of 100 kg’s or a few tonnes.

EXACT Silage® has resolved the shelve life issue. Silage is now available in wrapped bales of between about 400 and 900 kg,

depending on the variety and bale-size, and these bales can therefore be opened on demand to be fed as needed – always fresh.

Linked to this is the ability to transport EXACT Silage® over long distances, as required.

Storing is also no issue as the bales can be stored outside because it is already covered in high oxygen barrier film and thus protected from the elements.

Differentiating Descriptions Per Crop

All Exact silage types have the following general 7 benefits