Maize Silage

Cattle fed rations containing maize silage tend to have a higher dry matter intake than those fed rations based solely on hay. This extra DMI leads to higher energy intakes and should improve daily performance and feed efficiency when offered as part of a balanced diet.

EXACT maize silage is high in energy and high in starch, which is also highly digestible. Cattle and sheep adapt to it easily in rations due to high palatability. Maize silage has a relatively consistent feed value, but low protein content, so it should be fed with reasonably high-protein feeds.  

Whole-crop Oats Silage

Whole-crop oats silage from EXACT has high feed value for livestock, with some potential benefits over other forage options.

Cattle farmers introducing whole-crop oats silage in rations can expect increased dry matter intake, higher energy intake associated with the high fibre quality, reduced rates of acidosis and increased health and fertility. Whole-crop oats silage can provide a useful source for effective fibre, which is essential for maintaining healthy rumen function.

Grass Silage

High dry matter digestibility grass silage from EXACT results in better feed intakes and live weight gains for feedlot cattle. The benefits include lower fixed costs due to the level of processing, shorter days to finish and lower daily concentrate intakes to achieve target daily gains.

Similar benefits are incurred with extensive winter-veld supplementation of cows, weaners or growing heifers. For milking cows, the benefits of high dry matter digestibility silage are improved forage intake, more milk solids and milk from forage, better rumen health and lower concentrate feeding levels.

Sweet Forage Sorghum Silage

The main similarities between feed-sorghum and corn silage are palatability, high quality fibre content and digestibility, positive effect on rumen metabolism and on herd productivity.

EXACT sweet sorghum silage (Sudan grass cross varieties) has high content of digestible fibre and sugars. It is a very safe feed, especially to un-adapted animals and game species, as it does not contain the starch like maize silage.

Lucerne Silage

EXACT lucerne silage has high palatability, high protein levels and high digestibility.

Compared with lucerne dry hay, lucerne silage preserves more nutrients due to reduced leaf losses. In addition, weather damage is avoided since it requires less time wilting on the field to achieve the target dry matter level. In the silage form, lucerne (compared to dry hay) is more palatable and digestible for cattle, especially in hot climate conditions.

Lucerne silage made at higher DM levels, are benefiting from the unique processing and baling system of EXACT silage, leading to very good intakes and utilization by the ruminant.

Soya Silage

Whole-crop soyabean silage have high protein content and low fibre to protein ratio. EXACT soya silage offers a good alternative to other protein forage crops and contains high oil content from the seeds.

Harvesting stage for soyabean silage is critical as well as ensiling method, which makes EXACT soya silage the preferred supplier of soyabean silage.